Root 23.12.18

Root 23.12.18

Root, sounds of the urban underground is a Organisation that is focused on supporting the independent music across the Middle East. This show will be a continues episodes covering a various genres throughout the scene.


December 23rd, 2018

1 Comment

One Comment

  1. Ahmed says:

    1- Abu el 3es x baykal x hajzlon – lel moot
    2- Abu outhina – nos song
    3- Shab jdeed x Muqata’a x Al-nather – Bansak
    4- Haykal x Al-nather x Makimakukk x Bu kolthoum – Hawel
    5- Dabaka – Sallahlah
    6- Makkimakuk x julmud – Ya Warda
    7- Mehrak x Al-darwish – Musiqtna hay
    8- Synaptik x Shi’rap x Psychedelic – Jenin Sababa
    9- Dabaka – Ya Nass
    10- 47Soul – Machina
    11- 47Soul – Mo Light
    12- Two or the dragons – Prelude for the Triumphant Man
    13- Deena abdelwaheed – Albabab

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